About Us

Aaryavart Technologies is a leading IT solutions company providing full-cycle services in areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application. Aaryavart Technologies was set up by a group of well educated, highly qualified, experienced and talented professionals, each one of whom is an expert in his own field. At Aaryavart Technologies we carry out projects dealing with Web Development, Banking Application, Distributed Architecture apps.

Our highly-skilled programmers accomplish various site development projects starting from scratch working in various web development technologies. We help to build softwares and application which automates people lives.

Why Choose Us?

Aaryavart Technologies brings innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology into the business of customer relationships. We take full advantage of the Web and make it work for you. Our credibility and accountability ensure professional and rapid project accomplishment of any size - from a small website to complex software systems with quality.

Our extensive experience in design and development combined with our hands-on expertise helps our customers to establish their presence on the net in a professional fashion.

Technology Stack

Frontend (Angular,ReactJS)

We are experienced developer in frontend using popular frameworks like angular and view libraries like ReactJS

Backend (Asp.net MVC,Core,Node )

We are experienced developer in backend using popular frameworks like NodeJS, Asp.net MVC 4 or above, NodeJS

Build Tools (Gradle, Maven,Spring Bootstrap)

To manage dependancies and libraries we use Maven , Gradle and Spring Bootstrap.

Desktop Application Development (WPF)

We are experienced developers in building rich desktop application using WPF